5 Popular How-Tos On Instagram

Hello, my dear and beloved Instagramholics. We sometimes get puzzled that we have to solve Instagram issues (IG). It can be challenging to come up with a specific solution. Therefore, I have created the key to five of the most popular and common issues regarding IG. I hope you appreciate this article and implement the tips in your daily life.

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1) How can I save photos from Instagram?

Sometimes we look at a gorgeous or humorous photo and would like to save it. Hold it in the heart and never let it go. It’s a shame that Insta can’t download every picture you want. But, the desire could lead to ways to achieve your goals.

1: Save images in collections for Instagram

  1. Open the IG application on the mobile phone, then go through the Settings section;
  2. Locate the Saved section. It’s your secret location for all the pictures you’re able to save.
  3. How can I save photos? Pay attention to each publication on IG and in the bottom right corner of each post. Tap it and save it to any collection you want to keep.

2: Save images on your device

  1. Open the web version IG and select the image you wish to save.
  2. Tap on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the image;
  3. Select the post;
  4. Right-click menu, then choose View page source.
  5. Look for the initial link that starts with .jpg Copy and paste it into the new window.

Congratulations! Save the image by right-clicking and saving it!

If you don’t wish to spend your time, take a screenshot and crop the image.

I do not recommend any software or extensions for your browser. You can safely save all your information without using any third-party software. God can only tell you what you will get by using untrustworthy software. I hope that you have understood my point. Be careful!

If you don’t wish to spend your time, take a screenshot and crop the photo.

I don’t recommend any software or extensions for your browser. It is safe to save your data with no third-party service. God will only know what will find out by using a suspicious program. I hope that you have understood my point. Be careful!

2) How do I save my videos on Instagram to my smartphone?

 1: Save your own YouTube videos as well as Instagram Stories.

  1. Start your IG application and navigate through the Settings section.
  2. Locate an Account section, and then go to the Original Posts section;
  3. Set the settings to Save Original Posts or Save Photos Posted and Save Videos Posted;

You’re done; all pictures and videos are saved in the gallery on your smartphone.

 2: Save Instagram videos and stories by other people.

  1. To open the web version of the post, you’d like to save, click on the right side and select View Page Source;
  2. Ctrl+F, cmd+F, and locate the first link that starts with .mp4
  3. Open the link in a new window.
  4. Save the video by right-clicking and saving it.

It’s pretty simple. It’s working every time I download any footage from any IG page.

3) How can you hide a post on Instagram without taking down the post?

I try to cover my images every time an acquaintance joins my account on Instagram. Sometimes, my personal moments are gruesome and private; therefore, I’d like to preserve the photos, but I will never erase these moments.

1: Block Your Instagram Stories from certain Instagram users.

  1. Start Instagram Stories on your phone and tap on the left-hand right corner.
  2. The first thing you’ll be able to see is a section that will hide your story from audience.
  3. Don’t be shy. Include people who shouldn’t be able to view the photos of your party.

I suggest you use this function each time you get a little wild on weekends to avoid being embarrassed at work on Mondays.

 2: Hide your posts on Instagram without having to delete them

  1. Launch the Insta app and then open any post you’d like to keep private;
  2. Tap the three dots on the top-right edge of the page.
  3. Click Archive;

This post will be removed, and you’ll have the possibility of bringing it back into the gallery.

4) How do I look through Instagram Stories anonymously?

Yes, we do have to stalk someone via social media. I’ll never believe one of my friends claims that he has never done anything to anyone! The worst aspect of IG Stories is that everyone can see who has seen a story. We are here to speak!

1: Scroll until you’ve seen it!

Browse through your feed, and after a while, you’ll see the next block.

Simply and without pressing, move the scroll bar to the right to view your friend, but you don’t want that person to be aware of your interest. You can preview a new Instagram Story like that:

Perhaps you’ve watched Stories without actually watching them.

2: Be patient and keep an eye on the highlights

I think that the old method isn’t the most effective one. But with the recent Instagram advancements, you can highlight your posts, and users are unlikely to find out that you’ve made that mistake. The user is not granted access to the database of users after 24 hours of an active story. Therefore, make sure you check highlights so you’ll never be caught!

5) How can I create Instagram private?

Sometimes, we would like to conceal our private lives and keep our bank accounts secret and clean. What can you do to achieve this?

  1. Start the IG application and look for the Settings section.
  2. Locate in the Privacy and Security tab. Then go into the Account Privacy section.
  3. The Private Account can be turned on.

Congratulations! Only your followers will be able to see your life’s details in pictures.

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