Malta gambling license for German citizens. What are the licenses, how to issue them

In Malta, the gambling business is legalized and licensed. If you, as a citizen of Germany, want to engage in online gambling business in the jurisdiction of this state, you will have to obtain a gambling license. It can be one of four classes. The class depends on the type of services (games) provided.
Classes of gambling licenses in Malta
In Malta, German citizens can obtain B2C gambling licenses of four classes:
• Class 1 – casino games, lotteries with a guaranteed prize. The authorized capital for this class is 100 thousand euros;
• Class 2 – games with fixed rates, bookmakers, eSports bets. The authorized capital for this class is 100 thousand euros;
• Class 3 – Poker, Pool Betting, Lottery, Bingo, Lotto, Peer to Peer games. The authorized capital for this class is 40 thousand euros;
• Class 4 – skill games. The authorized capital for this class is 40 thousand euros.
Advantages of the jurisdiction of Malta
Many gambling and betting operators wish to obtain permission to operate in this particular country for a number of reasons:
• Malta is an EU country;
• tax incentives;
• High confidence of players;
• Opportunity to cooperate with well-known online game operators;
• The ability to work with banks, payment systems, accept payments in fiat and crypto without sanctions;
• You can get a license for almost any type of games – casino, roulette, baccarat, slots, fantasy sports, live games, as well as for a bookmaker’s office.
The procedure for obtaining a gambling license in Malta
The process is quite painstaking and requires good preparation, because the local regulator Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which issues permits, carefully checks everything related to a candidate for a license. So, the process itself consists of the following procedures:
• Registration of a company in Malta;
• Opening 2 bank accounts – one for the company’s funds, the second – for the players’ funds;
• Applying to the MGA;
• Checking by the regulator of everything related to the management and financing of the company, as well as the reputation of the founders, directors, shareholders;
• MGA review of the license applicant’s business plan;
• Checking constituent documents;
• System audit of the company.
Based on the results of the audit, if no violations are found, the applicant is issued a license valid for 5-10 years.
How to apply for a gambling license in Malta for German citizens
To obtain a gambling license in Malta for an online casino, we recommend contacting the law firm SBSB, which deals with issuing gambling licenses from scratch on a turnkey basis. Also, German citizens can order a license in other popular jurisdictions with good conditions for gambling and betting – Kahnawake, Fr. Curacao, about. Maine. In addition, you can order the opening of a gambling business in Costa Rica. For more detailed information, we recommend that you leave a request on the official website of the company.

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