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Lieng card game is good bet Players play a red and black card game that has a strong attraction because of the way it plays, and at the same time this game also has extremely entertaining properties so it is very popular. If you don’t know what Lieng is and want to join, you should try it out right away. Let’s explore information about this prize exchange card game with New88.
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What is Lieng card game?

As for the Lieng card game, you will immediately feel the gameplay and strategies quite similar to folk poker. At the same time, many gamers also say that this way of playing cards is similar to the three-card button counting game, so it is necessary to know how to play these two types of cards.

The 52-card deck (or commonly known as Tu Lo Kho) will be used mainly in the Lieng card game and includes 4 or 6 players participating in this game. After being given cards, participants will have to keep their cards hidden and then go through rounds of play to decide the final winner, the card will decide besides the red and black element of luck.

Playing cards also requires the player’s level and experience to be able to play effectively. This online game is loved and favored by many people because it requires high strategy, so it is suitable for the Asian card game style. Playing Lieng online is currently the most popular way to play cards today because playing online games makes it easy for almost anyone to play cards online anywhere and at any time.

Ways to play Lieng card game to win

As mentioned, playing card games with rewards is not difficult, but becoming the number one player is the real challenge, it requires you to practice regularly, have a strong mentality and study hard.
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The first condition is to clearly understand the rules of the game

The important thing you also need to understand is to become a Lieng card master. Each individual playground will have its own rules regarding the rules of the game as well as different ways of betting, so you must understand clearly to get the highest win. Have a smart playing strategy, avoid losing as much as possible.

First, the player must master each card and its value for that game. Next, in determining when to play that piece or when to retreat, keeping the card is the main strategy. Focusing on hiding your true intentions and deceiving your opponent is the main strategy. Participants can create more chances to win and get the best results through this way of playing.

Playing Lieng card game requires a strong mentality

If participants want to make the most accurate judgments and assessments, they need to have clarity and a sharp mind to analyze the opponent in order to make the most reasonable decision and limit damage. A calm mentality helps players stay alert and not be affected by external circumstances or emotions.

At the same time, in difficult situations it also helps you practice calmness and patience. Players can easily make reasonable decisions and actions by maintaining a stable mentality, thereby increasing their chances of winning in any situation.

Create a “pull the rope to move the forest” stance.

Make sure you have the four ways above when playing Lieng card game such as face down, call, raise and all in. Must use raising strategy if your cards are really bad. If you act like that, all other players will also think that their cards are beneficial and the possibility of winning will be greater. But gamers must consider carefully because they may also play badly on you!

Think before every action

When members play Lieng card game, first of all, players should be careful and think carefully in each game and action. Care and thoughtfulness enable you to make the decision to simply be an entertaining player or a master who wows others. Being careful helps you minimize unnecessary losses, staying calm helps you control the game more effectively.

Gamers need to consider each step carefully, from dealing cards to betting. You can judge and respond to each of your opponent’s hands better thanks to this method. Members can also minimize unnecessary errors and maximize their chances of winning through careful thinking. In stressful situations or difficult decisions, this is even more necessary.

Notes when playing Lieng card game

Here are a few points you need to pay attention to when playing Lieng card game:

  • Understand the rules: In order to limit unnecessary errors, you need to clearly understand the rules and how to play cards.
  • Diverse tactics: To optimize your chances of winning, you need to apply different tactics depending on your opponent.
  • Emotion management: During each game, you need to maintain a calm attitude and control your emotions.
  • Monitor opponents: To come up with appropriate strategies, opponents need to monitor their opponent’s playing style.
  • Learn tactically: To practice winning skills in losing matches, always be ready to learn from each loss.


Through the article shared above, it has helped you understand the rules of playing Lieng card game accurately. In addition, valuable experience from experts gives players the most valuable and attractive rewards. Together New88 Experience and win valuable and attractive rewards right away.

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