How did Greek medicine influence modern medicine?


Join a team of Acupuncture Physicians for a lecture that demystifi es the ancient medical art of acupuncture and explains how it safely and effectively treats pain and illness. The lecture is offered on four different days in May and is intended for those who are looking for a natural solution to health issues but may be hesitant about trying acupuncture. It will also highlight ways in which acupuncture is being used in major hospitals such as Mayo Clinic and Duke University Medical Center. A live acupuncture demonstration and question/answer period follows the lecture

Cranial Unwinding Workshop

Paul Pock’s engaging Cranial Unwinding Workshop returns to the Connectivity Center on June 11-12. Following more than 20 years of observation and inquiry, Paul identifi ed and isolated this natural homeostatic process and learned to engage this mechanism to realign structure and promote balanced health. Paul believes that the body has the inherent wisdom to balance and heal itself, and if given the opportunity, it will always choose the correct pathway to health

Joanne Priaulx Celebrates 30 years

J oanne Priaulx of Colon Health Services is a 30-year veteran colon therapist serving Brevard County. She is currently offering a “spring cleaning” special to celebrate her anniversary. A lymphatic therapy treatment is included in your fi rst series of colonics with a $10 discount off your first colonic. “Colon therapy’s benefi ts extend far beyond just the expected clean-out, says Priaulx. Clients can expect a sense of renewed vitality as toxic build-up exits the body and better absorption of nutrients takes place. Colon cleansing should be considered in any detox program.

Green Boutique Products with a Purpose

May at Hosie Naturals green boutique is woman’s health month. Hosie Naturals’ skin care products are free from any chemicals, preservatives, dyes, emulsifi ers, or synthetic fragrances. “You can always be sure you are choosing products, and supporting companies, that care about your health and our environment,” shares Hosie Naturals’ Owner and Founder, Kari Feucht.

We create products that help support women during some of their most important transitions, using pure oils infused with herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils blended thoughtfully and precisely for each circumstance,” said Kari. The Hosie Mama and Hosie Baby lines are formulated to be gentle for pregnancy, postpartum, and baby, and now feature belly massage oils for each trimester. The newest face serum was developed using Wholesale Essential Oils that target oil and acne, but are recognized as safe for use during pregnancy. For those trying to conceive, fertility massage oils for both woman and men are available. In addition, there are facial mists and a balm perfectly blended to support women in menopause

Reading Online has Just Become Easier!

Natural Awakenings magazine is excited to announce our new, upgraded website launch this month. The design of this site allows you to easily access articles from the current issue simply by viewing the home page and clicking on what peaks your interest. “The landing page is literally a display of the current issue,” explains Publisher Kris Urquhart. “I am absolutely thrilled with how easily readers can access the information that is most intriguing to them.” In addition, the extensive article archive is searchable and easily accessed via links and tabs

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